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Cost Of Living

It is possible to live frugally yet comfortably in Singapore, just as you can easily indulge in a luxurious lifestyle, and enjoy the delights of metropolitan living.

As an international student, you know the importance of budgeting wisely to live at a standard you are comfortable with.

Please note that the following are only a guide to what you can expect to spend every month. Actual expenses vary with each student, according to lifestyle and individual preferences.

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Estimated Living Costs

Living costs in Singapore are generally low. Accommodation makes up the bulk of household expenses, which is understandable due to our limited land space. You will find that you can live comfortably in Singapore and enjoy the good things in life.

Breakdown Monthly Cost ($)
Food & Clothing
Eat at budget joints or mid-priced restaurants.
380 - 550
Assumes rented accommodation is in suburban districts.
When leasing a room, landlords may require tenants to
pay a monthly utility fee.
600 - 2600
Public transport fares estimated based on commuting to
and from school daily.
170 - 190
Includes internet access, mobile phone subscriptions,
depending on choice of plan and does not include cost
of phone.
65 - 245
Estimated Total Monthly Expenses 1215 - 3585

Note: These figures serve as a guide as expenditures will vary depending on personal spending habits. These are rough estimates for the expenses of one adult, and do not include one-time fees, incidental charges, exceptions etc.

Source: Contact Singapore, as of 15 July 2015

Accommodation & Living

If you are an international student, choosing a suitable place to stay is a major priority and you will want to settle in as soon as possible.

We encourage you to start looking well before you arrive and before the term starts. There is strong demand for student accommodation and available units may be taken up very quickly. The earlier you begin your search, the greater the chance of finding a place that meets your needs and budget.

It is not advisable to look for housing by mail or by phone from unfamiliar sources. You may refer to the list of accommodation providers below. Where possible, you should meet your prospective landlord and inspect the accommodation. It is also best to negotiate rentals and use of facilities in person, together with any roommate(s), if you are planning to search for accommodation after you arrive in Singapore.

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Type Of Accommodation

Shared Apartment

Monthly rental: S$1500 - S$5,000

A group of students can get together to rent a house or a flat, and share amenities such as living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Residents do their own cleaning and may have to pay their own utility bills.

Room in Occupied Apartments

Monthly rental: S$500 - S$1,500

Housing Development Board (HDB) flats, as it is known, is the most common type of housing for international students. A student rents a vacant room in a flat occupied by the owner and will be required to negotiate with the owner on the use of amenities like washing machine, cooking facilities, telephone, television, internet access, etc.

Private Student Hostels

Monthly rental: S$400 - S$1,200

A number of privately run hostels take in foreigners that hold a Student’s Pass Card issued by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Each hostel has its own range of charges for different room-types and facilities.