srmc current counselling


SRMC has a range of counselling services available to address student needs at each stage of their progression through SRMC.

Pastoral Counselling

The SRMC Counselling Service for students aims to assist students to gain balance in their academic and personal well-being. The SRMC Counselling Service provides information, prevention, intervention and referral services on psychological, educational and emotional issues. Non-academic staff are also trained in identifying any psychological issues which affect students' academic performance.

SRMC has a qualified and professional counsellor to provide pastoral counselling to all students.

Bad Attendance

Our Student Affairs Manager and the Academic Department work closely to counsel students with poor attendance rates. Warning letters are generated monthly and issued to students who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements. The Student Affairs Manager will then meet students on a one-to-one basis for counselling and to help identify potential reasons for their frequent absence from classes. The Academic department will be roped in to assist if students' poor attendance is due to their difficulties in coping with their studies. The Academic department will monitor their progress. Should the problem persist or that the student is still not coping adequately, the latter will be referred to the Counsellor.